What Does Home Mean

What Does Home Mean to Ian?
Homes means having a house to live in with my family.  
Home means being safe.
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What Does Home Mean to Felicia?
Home is where my heart is,  but is is also where by brain is!  In my neighborhood we have a Free Little Library.  I can go to the library any time I want and get a book because it is right down the walkway!  I can read the books in my home and feel like I'm on an adventure.  I can learn new things and someday I can invent new things that can help people, or save the world!

What Does Home Mean to Kristal?
This poster is what home means to me, because it shows my whole family doing what they like.  For instance playing soccer walking outside, and my little baby brother that was just born.

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In 2015, the median rent on new apartments was $1,381 per month, which is vastly unaffordable to the typical low-income household.

What Does Home Mean to TazJianna?

Home is like a chain that no evil can break.  It's where my creativity started;  where I was raised and loved.  Home is like a dream you never wake up from.

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What Does Home Mean to Sky?

To me, home is a stable feeling of comfort with the people and environment that you live in.  It has more to do with friends, family, or people in general that make you comfortable, and makes you feel at ease with your surroundings.

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Voucher-based rental assistance provides affordable housing to 2.4 million families.

What Does Home Mean to Vivian?
Home is created by love, family, respect, and appreciation.  

Home is connection, memories, and integrity...
Home is your own reality...
In my home everyone is equal, happy, and loved.
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The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program is credited with producing more than 2.8 million affordable rental homes and generating 96,000 jobs a year.

What Does Home Mean to Ahn Duc?

Home is the many places in life we take for granted. Home is also where you can chat with family; it is one of life's wonders that only a home can give.  A home can offer us protection, relaxation, and just the overall love of a family.

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The number of severely cost-burdened renters (spending over 50 percent of income on housing) has reached a record 11.4 million households, or one in four renters.

What Does Home Mean to DeSire?

A home to me means love, family, and laughing.

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21.3 million renters spend more than 30% of their income on housing costs; 19 million families qualify for rental assistance; and 7.3 million families receive rental assistance.

What Does Home Mean to Zayveyon?

On my poster I drew a fairly big house.  I colored it red because red is a very energetic color, and I think it describes me very well.  The quote on the left, I came up with myself, and it relates to my life.  

"Home isn't just where I live.  It's a place where after a long, rough day, I feel that I can be myself and fell at peace."

Did You Know?

50% of public housing households are comprised of families.  30% are persons with disabilities.

What Does Home Mean to Josephine?

"Home is love that you can't find anywhere else.  If you have a problem, your home comforts you, and takes you into its arms to receive a warm hug...  Home is not just a place you live, but it is a place that lives inside."

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Today at least four million households have children living in them that are being exposed to high levels of lead.

What Does Home Mean to Adysha?

"Home means a place for me to lay my head, a place to express my different ways to my family and friends.  I'm glad that I have a home, a family that supports me, a place where I can bathe, and a place where I can eat at the table with family."

Did You Know? 

Nearly 20,000 inspections are conducted on HUD-assisted public housing and multifamily properties each year.